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Too Much for the White Man reforming for Sugar Beat

There is huge excitement and anticipation in music circles about the reunion of one of the great Irish bands of the late eighties and early nineties Too Much For the Whiteman. The band is on the bill for SugarBeat 2015 for a once-off reunion. This has come about according to lead singer and songwriter Mouse McHugh, because of the huge number of requests from so many fans over the years for a reunion.

The musicians that would go on to form the nucleus of Too Much for the Whiteman first came together as a fledgling group in Brixton London where they had moved in the early 80s. It was here that the Tuam lads broadened their musical influences while jamming and playing with Brixton musicians and artistes who were espousing a reggae/jazz influence. They had all left their home town of Tuam with a rich musical heritage that had seen success and for local groups 'All Cats Are Grey', 'Shattered Image' and 'Blaze x'.

The loose grouping that emerged from the cultural and ethnic melting pot that was Brixton, returned to Tuam in 1987 and went on to form Too Much For The Whiteman. They were led by ex- All Cats vocalist and songwriter Mouse McHugh, and ex- All Cats Are Grey drummer Alan Flynn. They were joined by Mikey Ivory on guitar, Gerry McHugh (ex- Shattered Image) on percussion, Der Holian on bass Danny Kelly on trombone, Leo Moran on rhythm guitar, and Axel Grude on keyboards The bandís first live performances in the early part of 1986, were at O'Riellys in Salthill. These first outings showed their potential as a live act and they quickly established a local following with mix of reggae/blues and originals penned by Mouse McHugh. Success quickly followed and Too Much for the Whiteman was invited to perform at the 2FM 'Larks in the Park' outdoor showcases. The band's reputation as one of the foremost live acts in the country spread as did the bands following and they embarked on tours that saw them play all of the prestige venues across the country. They shared bills with the big national and international acts of the time, like The Waterboys, Hothouse Flowers, The Stunning, Aslan, Stocktonís Wing, Cry before Dawn, Lord John White, Latin Quarter and Mary Coughlin.

The band got a timely career boost when an original song penned by Mouse Mc Hugh and Mikey Ivory made it on the soundtrack of ĎThe Courierí which starred Gabriel Byrne. Television appearances followed, and Too Much for the Whiteman played all of the major Irish Festivals and toured extensively.

The big break for the band came in 1988 when they released an original song written by Mouse McHugh called Put Your Mind at Ease. The song was recorded in Pyramid studios in Dublin and was produced by Vinnie Kilduff. Put Your Mind at Ease gave Too Much for the Whiteman their big break. It entered the Irish Charts in the late summer of 1988 and it was the most played single on Irish radio that year. The song remains a favorite of the legendary Larry Gogan who, every now and then, gives this classic a spin on his 2fm show. Too Much for the Whiteman play SugarBeat 2015 Saturday August 22nd at Tuam Stadium.